• Multifunctional apartment building on Pobediteley Avenue in Minsk
  • LOCATION : Minsk, Belarus
  • SIZE : 7074 M2
  • DATE : 2019-
  • TEAM : B. Shkolnikov (the director of the group of authors), T. Kazusenok, E. Kondratova, V. Kuntsevich, A. Matveev
  • The architectural and planning decision of the Object is made in accordance with the agreed architectural idea developed by STUDIO PIUARCH (Milan, Italy).

    Space-planning solution of the Object includes:

    • the creation of an expressive plastic volume, repeating with its outlines in plan a boundary of a landscape-recreational zone; 
    • efficient use of the location of the Object and the creation of an attractive environment for attracting business and recreational activities; 
    • a clear functional structure and link between the external architectural image and the purpose of the building. 

    The designed volume consists of two extended curved blocks of three and five floors, united by a single stylobate - one-story from the southeast side (from the side of the parking lots) and two-story from the reservoir side, a terrace is provided on the stylobate with the organization of a landscaped observation deck with container gardening. A wide front staircase leads to the terrace from the parking lots.