• The hotel complex on the crossing of Pobediteley Avenue and Minsk Ring Road in Minsk
  • LOCATION : Minsk, Belarus
  • SIZE : 26890 M2
  • DATE : 2011
  • CLIENT : JLLC "TehnoProfitCityInvestment"
  • TEAM : B. Shkolnikov (the director of the group of authors) A. Matveev, M. Samosyuk, A. Belko
  • The hotel complex is placed adjacently with the border of the landscape customer "Lebeazhiy", where Pobediteley Avenue goes to the suburban recreational territory of Minsk. The composition of the complex is perceived in dynamics of movement from the traffic intersection and main roads.

    The group of entrance halls and rooms of public service have double orientation – to the square before the hotel and the landscape park, with the creation of roofed terraces and the recreational territory. Hotel rooms and apartments located in the butts of cases are of excess comfort and have glazed terraces.