• The housing estate "Cascade" with the office park, Kalvariysky St., Minsk
  • LOCATION : Minsk, Belarus
  • SIZE : 185000 M2
  • DATE : 2015 (2008-2015)
  • CLIENT : Foreign Enterprise "Yunivest-M"
  • TEAM : B. Shkolnikov (the director of the group of authors), E. Borodavko, Z. Beganskaya, M. Florensky, A. Matveev, A. Busel, S. Marinich
  • "Cascade" is the complex in which the model of the urban environment is implemented, the dwelling function should be harmoniously combined with the other functions - work, rest and service sector. The complex has good visual points of perception from the main city roads. The housing estate with terraces goes with the high-rise emphasis (from 6 to 25 storeys), the multistoried garages parking, green courtyard, which space overflows to the recreation area with the minipark, with the exit to the public business center.
    The most porous structure of the building of the housing estate and the office park provides visual penetration and interaction of the internal and external environment. Separate buildings of office blocks are 6-storied, the rooms of public use are on the ground floors, parkings are in the stylobata part which is raised over the ground level.