• The multifunctional complex, Filimonov St., Minsk
  • LOCATION : Minsk, Belarus
  • SIZE : 48000 M2
  • DATE : 2010-2012
  • CLIENT : ALC “Aleksandrov-Stroy”
  • TEAM : B. Shkolnikov (the director of the group of authors) T. Kazusenok S. Frantskevich A. Kravtsov Constructor: L. Bychkovskaya N. Nozdrina
  • The multifunctional complex with its different number of storeys (6-8-25) and rising up sizes creates the new town-planning emphasis on the crossing of the main road of Minsk Nezavisimosti Avenue and Filimonov Steet.
    The building is placed on the stylobata of the oval form, in which underground garages parking is placed.
    The basic element of the architectural composition is the internal front domestic space with the main entrances to the blocks of various functional purpose – the bank, the office and the fitness center. The apartments placed in the high-rise volume and the office rooms of the low-floor case are focused on the territory of the National library, the flood plain of the Svisloch River.