• International architectural design competition of National concert hall "Tautos Namai" in Vilnius
  • LOCATION : Vilnius, Lithuania
  • SIZE : 15470 M2
  • DATE : 2019
  • CLIENT : -
  • TEAM : Barys Shkolnikov (the director of the group of authors), S. Frantskevich, V. Kuntsevich
  • The territory for the National concert hall is located on top of Tauras Hill in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, which has a symbolic meaning for the city.

    The main principles of the architectural concept:

    • an active architectural image, open for public and visually attractive from different parts of the city, enriching the urban planning structure and silhouette of buildings;
    • a precise scheme of functional zoning with mutual penetration of open public and recreational spaces, with optimal technological communications;
    • inclusion of a multimedia screen into the open space to organize public broadcasting.

    Modern, exquisite, clean, filled with light architecture fits harmoniously into the surrounding territory and landscape, elegantly includes associations with the natural legacy of Lithuania – sand dunes and sea shores, forests, blue lakes and rivers, free birds, hovering over the wide spread of Lithuania - in the interior design.

    The nature and open public space of the park, area of the main entrance are closely connected and continued in generally accessible spaces of the lobby on the ground floor and upper levels of the National concert hall, on the terraced green trafficable roofs.

    Space and light are easily perceivable in the volume of the building, where clear sounds of music inspire and liberate the highest spiritual qualities of a person.

    In the evening, the dark sky is illuminated by magic glowing inside, hovering over the city, bringing the feeling of joy and freedom.